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As one of the largest real-estate brokerages in the DC Metro area, with over 2,800 agents and 21 offices serving Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, Samson Properties was experiencing increased technical and relational challenges throughout their organization and across partnership lines. They needed a cohesive way to provide their realtors, staff, and partners the support, training, and day-to-day information that could give them a leg up in the competitive real estate market. Enter Atmosphere Digital and our Cardinal’s Nest concept. We sourced all their pain points for each company segment and produced a strategy and solution to solve them. Together, we were able to architect, design, develop, and launch a fully featured, company-wide collaboration platform… bringing the entire Samson Properties family together in one online environment. The platform centralizes all relevant information into one, easy-to-use tool, while also fostering quick and important network-wide communication, from both the top-down, and side-to-side.


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Cardinal’s Nest powers Samson Properties’ internal operations, communications, continued education and e-learning, sales opportunities, peer-to-peer support, and vendor relationships. We built an entire custom portal that provides a place for important company announcements and alerts, a place to quickly purchase and download all marketing materials in the Resource Center connected with their print center, a collaborative message board, contractor advertising resources, searchable staff, agents, and vendors directory, and much more in this best-in-class realtor collaboration tool.

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A new era is here at Samson Properties! Old FTP file management servers shut down. Sticky notes put away. And miscommunication is a thing of the past. Now, messages are being reviewed, received and responded to. Management has far better insights. The company is growing at record rates. All agents & staff now know and understand that to start a successful day, a login to the Cardinal’s Nest is the first step.

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